Smile Makeovers in Abington, MA

Experience An Exciting Smile Makeover In Abington

It’s never too late for a beautiful smile. At Abington Dental Associates, we love to craft custom smile transformations for our patients to change their lives for the better. A smile makeover is the process of improving your smile through one or more cosmetic procedures such as veneers, crowns, dental caps, porcelain bridges, and teeth whitening.

What Is The Goal Of A Smile Makeover?

The goal of a smile makeover is to aesthetically improve a patient’s smile through a customized cosmetic dentistry treatment plan. Dr. Shirgavi and Dr. Schiano will tailor your smile makeover to your individual vision, carefully considering aspects of your appearance like:

  • Skin Tone
  • Hair Color
  • Teeth
  • Gum Tissues
  • Shape of Lips
  • Overall Facial Appearance

During your consultation, you’ll discuss what you want your ideal smile to look like, as well as anything you don’t currently like about your smile.

What Can A Smile Makeover Fix?

A smile makeover is considered to be a comprehensive cosmetic dentistry process and can address a variety of dental and cosmetic issues such as:

  • Discolored Teeth
  • Misaligned Teeth
  • Missing Teeth
  • Tooth Spacing
  • Chipped or Cracked Teeth
  • Tooth Length

Drs. Shirgavi and Schiano can use dental veneers, dental bonding, teeth whitening, gum recontouring, dental crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, and more to help create your best smile. Often, a smile makeover offers structural oral health improvements as well as a new look!

Is A Smile Makeover Right For You?

Generally, everyone who wants a smile they’re more happy with is a good candidate for a smile makeover at our Abington dental practice.

If discolored, misaligned, or missing teeth keep you from enjoying your social life to the fullest, or if you’ve carried around insecurities about your smile for years, a smile makeover can be an excellent option. We can help make self-consciousness about your smile a thing of the past!

If your teeth are in poor condition, rest assured that we are a judgment free office and our doctors are only here to help. We can recapture the beauty of your natural smile and help you enjoy the confidence a bright, healthy smile can bring.

Schedule Your Personalized Consultation With Abington Dental Associates Today!

For patients with multiple oral health needs, a smile makeover can help rebuild your bite and smile. By combining state-of-the-art cosmetic dental treatments, Abington Dental Associates can create a customized plan for your best and brightest smile.

The first step toward enjoying your best smile is to schedule a consultation at our Abington dental practice. During your visit, Dr. Shirgavi and Dr. Schiano can answer all of your questions and determine if a smile makeover is the right choice for you!


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