Getting a Great Smile from your General Dentist

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Without saying anything, emotion and feeling can be displayed through the simple act of smiling. A smile can have so much meaning behind it. That is why taking care of your smile starts with a quality general dentist.

A visit to a dentist’s office to improve your smile can start a process of living with more confidence. Abington Dental Associates is proud to serve the community of Abington, MA, by providing general dentist services that will help you show off your amazing smile.

General dentist services are dental services that cover a wide array of oral health care. The dentists at Abington Dental Associates are able to diagnose and treat anything related to oral health and prevent future problems. There are different services provided for different problems regarding your oral health.

Besides our general dentist services, there are other services that are offered that are more advanced. Abington Dental Associates offers three main core services for oral health: restorative dentistry, general and family dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry.

For restorative dentistry, this process involves a dentist finding out about a problem in the mouth and setting up an appropriate time to treat the problem. This can include a dental bridge, dentures, root canal treatment and therapy, sleep apnea treatment, fillings, tooth extractions, and the removal of wisdom teeth.

When it comes to family and general dentist services, the main focus is the simple and basic services provided by almost every dentist. Preventing future problems and treating current ones is what general dentistry is about but also includes so much more. These can include dental cleanings, digital X-rays, oral surgery, pediatric dental care, preventive dentistry, oral cancer screenings, and flouride treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry is an area of care where a dentist can really make a smile stand out. There is a major focus on cosmetic procedures that will enhance the smile of a patient. This includes teeth whitening, braces for teens and adults, smile design, crowns, and full-mouth reconstruction.

Visiting a dentist can seem scary to some. The idea of someone using metal objects to probe the teeth and gums can cause some patients quite a bit of anxiety. This fear can only be associated with past trauma known as dentophobia, or dental anxiety. The definition of this phobia is described as a patient’s past experience at a dental office that has caused them to fear visiting another one.

Taking care of oral health is important, and not going to the dentist can negatively affect the mouth in big ways. Overcoming this fear can not only improve your own oral health but can also inspire patients to be more responsible for their own dental health challenges.

To overcome this fear, there are different options to consider. One option is receiving therapy or other treatment to make the mind feel at ease when you’re at the dentist. One of the most basic ways to overcome this fear is to connect with a dentist in an environment that makes the patient feel comfortable.

Being at ease with your dentist can make going in for regular cleanings and check-ups so much easier. Consider scheduling a conversation with a dentist prior to a dental appointment. This can be essential for a patient to relieve any fear of general dentist services and dental offices.

Being comfortable is something that Abington Dental wants to share with its patients. Offering waiting rooms that are filled with calming music is one way we make our office environment a more comfortable place for anyone that walks in. A calm environment means less stress for patients and a smooth process for the patients and our dentist.

Overall, taking care of oral health is what Abington Dental Associates strives to achieve. Missing a tooth? Have a broken tooth or teeth? Just simple tooth pains? Abington Dental Associates has it covered. Call 781.878.0001 for an appointment or go here and schedule one online.